вторник, 22 сентября 2015 г.

Instances of Celebrities Giving Up the Hollywood Lifestyle to Live It Large in Mother Russia

If you think that the following 10 celebrities are all living the high life and soaking up the sun in California, think again.

In actual fact, it appears that they have been spotted way over in Mother Russia, living ordinary lives and seemingly embracing the unforgiving (and largely false, might I add...) Russian stereotype of the average vodka swigging and fur-wearing citizen.

To put it simply, your jaw will drop when you look at the following people and their insanely uncanny resemblances to the following celebrities. So, stop what you're doing now and book the next flight to Moscow to witness wondrous sights such as:

1. When Heath Ledger swapped his purple jacket for a luxurious fur coat as the Joker

Here he is undercover and utilizing the efficient Russian transport network probably somewhere south of Novosibirsk.
2. When Bruce Willis experimented with Eastern European fashion choices

Bruce knows that if you want to stand out in the crowd, you've got to be bold and daring.
3. When Robert Downey Jr. relived his turbulent past

Being in nature does wonders for a hangover, you know.
4. When Chris Hemsworth proved that Thor is a real person, no matter what you might say

And this is clearly what he'd look like if he'd electrocuted himself with his own hammer by accident.
5. When Milla Jovovich forgot she was once the face of L'Oreal

She's just having some time out from her busy modeling career back in the Motherland, okay?
6. When Vin Diesel traded up his fast cars for a more leisurely form of transport

I wouldn't be surprised if he suddenly begins to belt out some Russian folksongs on the streetcar either.
7. When Scarlett Johansson learnt that in Russia, drinking always comes in quantity over quality

Even wearing questionably ripped jeans and a clashing jacket, Scar Jo still makes those liters of "Bagbier" look like a million dollars.
8. When Leo was still scouting for those Victoria Secret's models, whilst maintaining his killer dad-bod

You do you, Leo.
9. When Jason Statham got his shashlik game on

Everybody knows that a true Russian man loves to eat meat.
10. When Harrison Ford looked worse for wear waiting for the local bus into town