среда, 4 января 2017 г.

Love Content.

In life we ​​can love only three people - and each in its due"Love - this is just a word until someone comes and give it a value of"

Some say that to truly love in life is possible only once. Others believe that love is infinite. But today we'll talk about what all we can really fall in love only three people - and for each particular reason.

First love usually occurs at a young age. This idealistic love, a bit like a fairy tale that we read in childhood.

We believe that this is the only love for life, and no matter that sometimes we have to step over themselves, their principles, but it worked, because deep down we believe that it should be so.

Because in this first love, it is important how we are perceived by others, not what we feel.It is love that looks correct.

The second love - the most difficult. The one that teaches us life lessons about who we are, what they want and how we need to love. It is love that hurts - through lies, manipulation and betrayal.

It seems to us that we do not all like the first time, but in fact all the same. We seem to want to correct the mistakes of the past, hoping that this time things will end differently. But normally, no matter how we try, it ends worse.

It can be unhealthy, inharmonious or even selfish attitude. Maybe violence - emotional, psychological or physical. In general, a lot of drama. And those roller coaster emotions keep us and do not let go. When all is well, we are beginning to hope for the best. But then begins the next rise and fall.This is love, that we want to do right.

A third love - one that we will never wait. The one that seems to be not suitable for us, which destroys all the idealistic image of the love that we ourselves have drawn. It is a love that comes so easily that it seems impossible. This link, which we can not explain, it knocks us off our feet, because we were not ready for it.

It is love, when we meet a person and everything just formed itself: there are no expectations or pressure someone how to behave.

Just take us as we are, and it's just amazing.It's not like we were his love. But it is a love that feels right. It is love that helps us to understand why others did not work.